Thursday, December 01, 2005

Small Town Internet Utilization

We at Logicmaze have this contention that most businesses that are on the internet( in our area at least) are not even beginning to tap the potential they have. is a small town business that is just getting on the web and will be the exception to the rule, here's why:
They are going into this knowing they have to market their site!!!!!
We will launch this site sometime in the next week and just wait and see what will happen. We at LogicMaze understand the ins and outs of internet marketing and couple that with the fact that the folks at have a good budget dedicated to us to market the site and we will all see the launch of a successful internet business.
So Many businesses have a great product or service that their website doesn't serve at all. I would love a chance to see the web traffic of any of the thousands of websites based in Kansas, I bet most of them aren't even track visits let alone conversions. The root of the problem is Website designers who either don't understand Marketing or don't take the time to discuss the importance of it with their clients. Anyhow I am rambling just watch in the next few months, you will see what a little marketing can do for a small town business.


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