Monday, March 27, 2006

Illinois Outfitters

So it's time to touch base again on Ashlenz Outfitters, the Illinois Outfitter that hunters trust to deliver the trophy buck of a lifetime.

I see in a previous post that
Kat is starting a link campaign for our Illinois Outfitters. That's exactly what this site needs! I'm sure I have touched on this in previous posts, but I will mention it again as it is very important. The link popularity of your site is key to search engine results. Don't get me wrong, search engine optimization is what makes your site rise to the top, but link popularity is the needed base to get the ball rolling. So what we need at this point is to get some links out there pointing to Ashlenz Outfitters. Then we will see some truly amazing jumps in the search engines for our focused keywords.

The last week has shown some progress for
Ashlenz. Most of it has been slow and steady. We jumped a few spots for Illinois deer hunting, Pike County deer hunting, and Pike county Illinois hunting. With the best results being on MSN for the keywords Pike County deer hunting (up more than 80 spots since the beginning of our campaign) and Pike County Illinois hunting (up more than 70).

The keyword
Illinois trophy buck has also continue to rise a few spots at a time on Google, with the biggest jump being 6 points just last night to #24. Kat had mention in a post that she is working with alt text. This is a prime example of the process and the results. Alt text is simply the text description of a picture on a web page. Traditionally alt text is used for persons who have disabled pictures in their browsers, or are using a text-only browser(such as you would find on a cell phone). However, search engines index these descriptions as part of a web page and they count in the site's keywords. Illinois trophy buck is in the alt text of Ashlenz photo gallery pages featuring pictures of some terrific Illinois trophy bucks. This makes the site popular for that search term.

The keywords
Illinois outfitters, Illinois hunting guide, and Illinois hunting are also up a few points this week on MSN and hanging tight in both Google and Yahoo.

We are also working on keywords such as
Illinois buck, Illinois deer, and Illinois deer hunting guide. Perhaps when the link campaign kicks into full swing we will begin to see some progress with these terms as well. Our main focus however is getting results for Illinois deer hunting. MSN returns Ashlenz at #9 for Illinois deer hunting, but Yahoo and Google are a little behind. In the coming weeks we believe we can be in the top spots on the search engines for this keyword. Check back for those results.


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