Thursday, January 05, 2006

Search engine optimization

OK here we go, has been a faithful marketing customer of ours for several months. As I said in my last post the next phase of their internet marketing has begun. We worked today on the next set of keywords, here they are:
1. jeep tops
2 jeep soft tops
3. jeep hardtop
4. jeep hard top
5, jeep bikini top

Some had decent rankings from the work we did for the last time around, some are great proof that you can never stop doing your search engine optimization. Once you get to the top and start seeing increased sales it is easy to slack off and sit back. Any good business owner knows slacking off just leads to falling back in the pack. didn't slack off we just started paying attention to more and different keywords and some of the ones from the first go around started to slip. Anyhow we have narrowed it down to 20 main keywords that wants to dominate on the 3 major search engines, and we will dominate.
Check back it's gonna be a wild ride.


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