Monday, December 19, 2005

Kansas small business marketing

Can it be done? Can a small town business in Hutchinson Kansas compete with the big boys in the world of marketing? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Check it out, Carol Norris started to offer the world a product that she knew was top-notch, she knew if we could get the word out, that anyone that tried Dechant Mineral Makeup would continue to use it. She came to LogicMaze and we built her a site and we are marketing it for her right now nationwide. The site was launched to the world less than 2 weeks ago, now I ask you to got to and search for "mineral makeup". If you don't think that is a competitive keyword look at how many results MSN returns. I know she is only number 11 today but if you are at all interested, set a reminder in your Blackberry and come back and check on it in 2 weeks, number "1" is the only acceptable long term goal!!!!!!


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