Monday, March 27, 2006

Kansas Website Design

OK, so it's time for another blog focusing on the technology behind web development. This week's topic is unique as it is web development technology that is aimed at the layman as well as the seasoned professional.

Your first thought may be about blogging. After all, it is web development in a base form. The user creates a web log (blog) similar to a website, but does it with minimal knowledge of coding and development. However, I will save blogging for a different time. What I am introducing you to this week is the wikipedia (Wiki Encyclopedia).

The first thing you must understand is what a "wiki" is. The word wiki is derived from the Hawaiian words "wiki wiki" which means "rapidly". In the tech world a wiki defines a collection of websites or hypertext that allows anyone to add and even edit content in a quick manner. As opposed to a blog or a forum, the entire content of the sites can be changed by any one person.

So the wikipedia is just that. It is an encyclopedia where anyone in the world can add and edit content. The wikipedia currently contains over 1 million articles in English and nearly 2 million in foreign languages.

Although much controversy follows the wikipedia (learn more here) . You will find that, as opposed to a printed set of encyclopedias, the errors can be fixed and the articles will remain forever current. Another benefit to the wikipedia is the "wikify" process that each article goes through. What you will discover is when the wikipedia mentions a keyword in it's text, the keyword links to separate page about that new topic. This gives you an endless reference list to all things related to a wide topic. The truth on wikipedia is that it's an invaluable resource for information on just about anything you can imagine.

So now that you understand the wikipedia, what can you do with it? Read on...

Our blogs get a little technical sometimes and I'm sure that some of you get tired of reading things like "search engine optimization", when no explanation follows. Of course, I hope this isn't too much of a company secret, but most of our links, regardless of their names, point only to the client's site or to the LogicMaze site. We do that to associate certain keywords to the linked site.
So what I am going to do for you is show you how wikipedia is now your best friend. When I use a technical term in future blogs, I am going to put a link behind it to the wikipedia page on that subject. You will have a one click stop to understanding. Let's give it a try:

LogicMaze is a Kansas Website Design firm that provides web development (define) , search engine optimization (define) , and more to Kansas, the U.S., and beyond.

Notice the keyword still references LogicMaze, but gives you an option to learn more about the topic with wikipedia. So there you go, wikipedia has already made your life easier. While you are there, search for some other subjects you are interested in. Perhaps even register and begin contributing your knowledge to this encyclopedia.

Im sure you will all look forward to my blogs from now on. Have a good week!


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