Monday, October 23, 2006

Wichita Thunder Fan

Saturday, Oct. 21st, the bulk of the LogicMaze staff had the distinct pleasure of receiving free tickets to go see the Wichita Thunder hockey team play. Tickets came courtesy of Chuck Peterson, biggest Wichita Thunder fan we know.
In a crowd the size of the one at Kansas Coliseum, you would be surprised how many people Chuck knew. It seemed as though, if you were a Wichita Thunder fan, you knew him by default.

It was an awesome game, by the way. It ended in a shootout against Oklahoma City, with the Thunder winning. Real edge-of-the-seat stuff. You had to feel at least a little sorry for the refs, though. Having apparently made some bad calls in the game against Tulsa the night before, they were booed by the Wichita Thunder fans at anytime possible.
Hockey fans are a rare breed, indeed. Kinda makes you wonder who, between hockey fans, European soccer fans, and American football fans, would win in a giant brawl. One way or another, you could count on me steering clear of it.


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