Thursday, November 30, 2006


Time to check in on our favorite hunting grounds.... Ashlenz Outfitters.

As in my previous post, hunting is the word of the day. Hunting with Ashlenz Outfitters. Ashlenz happens to be the best place for deer hunting and turkey hunting. Let's go to the numbers and see what we can report on Ashlenz:

Illinois deer hunting - Holding firm at #11 on Google. Maybe we can push it into the top 10 if we all concentrate very hard.

Illinois buck - Coming in at #1 on MSN.

outfitter - MSN betrays us, as it drops from my last report! Need to look into this term and get it back up there!

outfitters - #12 on MSN out of 2.5 million - but outfitter is lost? Must be a temporary glitch!

deer hunting - Up two spots to #4! Almost there!

deer - The ultimate general keyword - #37 on MSN!

trophy buck - Hunting for this search term? #6 on MSN, that's right - 6 out of 700,000!

Finally, these search terms are all at #1 somewhere between Yahoo, Google, and MSN:

Illinois deer hunting
Pike County deer hunting
Pike County Illinois hunting
Illinois hunting
Illinois deer hunting guide
Illinois trophy buck
Illinois buck
Illinois deer
Illinois outfitters
Illinois outfitter
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