Saturday, January 06, 2007

Turkey Hunting

Ashlenz Outfitters has already seen what a little bit of LogicMaze Search Engine Optimization can do. We have been working on the search engine results for any number of Deer Hunting searches and the results have been amazing. Just go to any of the search engines and search for Illinois Deer Hunting .

Well it's time to get serious about expanding the efforts. Ashlenz Outfitters also guides some incredible Turkey Hunting trips and they want us to help hunters who are looking for a place to go turkey hunting find them. We actually started about a month ago and as of right now they are number 10 on MSN for a search for "Turkey Hunting ", out of 6.1 million results, we will make get it higher.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress!

If your company is interested in being found at the top of the search engines contact LogicMaze here .



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