Friday, February 11, 2011

Redesigned and Reworked Website for Hutchinson Recreation Commission

Redesign of Hutchinson Recreation Commission
The team at LogicMaze worked closely with Hutchinson Recreation Commission to redesign their website. With a good balance of graphics, tied into the existing color scheme and branding, much thought was put into the aesthetics of the website as well as the traffic received to the website. Logicmaze was able to accomplish a new design for Hutchinson Recreation Commission as well as focus on how to funnel the appropriate traffic to the correct destination quickly.
During the design and development phase, Logicmaze proposed designs and navigation to get users to the information that they wanted. We researched the existing website traffic and designed the site to give users the information that they are looking for quickly.

A social media app allows for the website to integrate with their existing social media marketing. To see the redesign, as well as the newest programs and services offered by Hutchinson Recreation Commission, go to:


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