Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm Kiley. A.K.A. - The New Girl

­­Hello, hello! I’m Kiley Loesch and I’ll be taking over for Doug here at Logic Maze while throwing in some design work as well. Here’s a little about me:
Born and raised in Lyons, Kansas I thought I would pack my bags and head east after I graduated high school. My extreme destination towards the east coast lasted a good thirty miles, landing me in McPherson…where I then ended up staying all four years for college. So, as I was on my last semester before graduating I decided I wanted to officially make my big move and "get out of here." This time I decided to head south. Ironically, I made it thirty miles once again. Found Logicmaze. And…couldn’t be more grateful! Within the last three days of work I have met some of the wittiest, most down to earth people and I LOVE it. I can tell this workplace is going to turn into a second little family for me, with my own family only thirty minutes away. What more could I ask for?!? Like I said, I love it and I’m excited to be working for a company that only continues to progress and has such an amazing group of employees!


At 9/10/2010 1:01 PM, Blogger Tamara Heitschmidt said...

Yay Kiley! Glad you are here.


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