Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Kansas Internet Marketing

Here are the projects we are currently working on for internet marketing here at LogicMaze. Well hold on let's bakckup, What is Internet Marketing. It is a combination of two activities search engine optimization and internet ad placement. Search engine optimization is all of the activities you must perform to have your website show up in the "search" side of Google or MSN or Yahoo when someone searches for your product or service. Ad placement is much different but sometimes seems to overlap. You can bid an amount you are willing to pay per click on most of the popular ad placements programs in existence today. It is all pretty complicated and incredibly time consuming for someone who hasn't done it before. If you want more details contact LogicMaze here and we will get into extreme detail if that is what you want.

OK here's a brief summary of some of our current projects:

Idaho Afloat: Great whitewater rafting company in Idaho, I went there last year for a rafting trip and loved it, you should go, anyhow...
The 3 main keywords we are optimizing for are:

1. Whitewater rafting - this is a highly competitive keyword and we are battling not only other Idaho Rafting Guides but every rafting guide in the world. We are winning the fight but it is a fairly slow process.

2. Idaho Fishing - we weren't even in the radar when we started on this one. Now we are in the top 20 on MSN. Fly fishing is one of things I always wanted to do and I caught a huge sturgeon when we were there last summer, ok, got off track. Trying to capture a whole new market with this keyword and it is working.

3. Outdoor Adventures - this is scary to your average Search Engine Optimization crew. Think in your head how many different people we are battling with on this one. Slow going but when we get to the first page the hits will flow on - What a cool company! Who doesn't want a Jeep and once you have a Jeep who doesn't want all the cool jeep accessories to go with it. Here are some of the keywords we are battling for on this site:

1. Jeep Tops - this is a highly competitve search term, we are also optimizing for jeep soft tops , jeep hardtop and jeep hard top

Crap, gotta go I will finish tommorrow...



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