Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jeep Accessories

It's been a little while since I gave you a jeepsandstuff.com. update so here we go:

1. Jeep accessories - As of my last update we were #15 on MSN for this "TOP-DOG" key word, we are now #2, uh-huh #2. It has drastically increased the number of visitors to the site. Climbing on other search engines as well. Dominating this keyword is the first step towards dominating the internet for this industry.

2. Warn Winch Still an extremely competitive keyword as well especially since it is not industry specific to jeeps and we are working with a jeep website. Still climbing, not high enough to produce lot's of traffic yet but it will happen.

3. Winches - Huge Keyword not industry specific or manufacturer specific. Give us another 2 weeks on this one. But when it hits jeepsandstuff's visits will jump drastically.

4. Bestop - huge industry related term. Bestop is one of the top manufacturers of Jeep stuff.
next to the 3 search engines, the link from Bestop's authorized dealers page is the biggest refer to jeepsandstuff.com so we know a lot of people are searching the internet for Bestop Jeep stuff.
MSN we are # 7 out 961,000 results. Really starting to climb on other search engines as well.

5. Jeep liberty accessories # 10 on Google, # 4 on MSN and climbing on Yahoo. This was our top performing keyphrase in terms of visits, before we got so high with just jeep accessories. Everyday this exact phrase is responsible for 35-40 unique visits to jeepsandstuff.

6. Jeep wrangler accessories - #7 on MSN! This is also a top performing keyword, should break into the top 20 on Google in the next 2 weeks and we are anxious to see what that does to the visits.

7. Jeep Tops - Still #10 on MSN produces alot of traffic, in the top 30 on Google and climbing rapidly on Yahoo. This is a big keyword with warmer weather coming. Jeep owners are going to be buying soft tops and bikinis and we want to dominate those keywords as well as this more general one.

8. Jeep soft tops - # 7 on MSN and just about to crack into the top 20 on Google, should be just in time for summertime as jeep lovers begin to think about taking the hardtop off and getting ready for warmer weather.

9. Jeep Bumpers - very competitive search phrase also, we are #1 or #2 on Google for several related phrases like warn jeep bumpers. # 7 on MSN, lot's of jeep owners want aftermarket jeep bumpers and they find jeepsandstuff where ever they look.

10. Jeep Doors - Still #20 on Google but.... wait... yes!!!!!! #1 on MSN!!! Hello!

11. Jeep Windows - another we weren't on the map for 2 months ago, #11 on Google and #1 on MSN. also we have cracked the top twenty on Yahoo.

12. Jeep Wrangler Doors - Not giving us fits anymore #1 on MSN and climbing on Google.

13. Jeep Seats - # 2 on MSN , up 7 spots, I want #1!!!!!

14. Jeep seat cover - Bestop product page is #3 on MSN for this search phrase, we have a jeep seat cover page but what ever works.

15. jeep bikini top - we have 2 pages that fair real well for this search term one is the general jeep tops page and one is specific to Jeep bikini tops. Both are in the top ten on MSN and Google. It's now #2 on MSN!

16. Jeep hardtop - #11 on Google and # 2 on MSN, we will be at the top of all 3 major engines by the time fall comes around and folks are really looking for hardtops for jeeps.

17. Jeep hard top - It's now in the top ten on MSN!!!

18. Warn - Ok Ok we are working on it!! Lay Off.

19. Tire Covers - Tough one, still working on it.

20. Jeep mirror - Dropped a little on this one, got a little cocky give us a week and we will be back on top, Hopefully

this isn't the only project you are following we are also taking our clients after the keywords:
1. Illinois Deer Hunting
2. Mineral Makeup - 2 clients on that one, luckily they are in business together and friends or we would have a little mineral makeup war.
3. Kansas Electrician
4. And many other search phrase that we are performing internet marketing on so LogicMaze clients can DOMINATE the search engines.
Still wondering if search engine optimization works or if LogicMaze in little ol' Hutchinson Kansas can really benefit your website traffic and increase your business? Well if your still not convinced just stick around and keep tracking us here, we will win you over.

Link: http://www.jeepsandstuff.com



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