Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kansas Public Schools

Here's a project I have been working on in my spare time:
Last year LogicMaze designed and took over a maintenance contract for the Hutchinson Kansas Public Schools website. This just happens to be the school district that Tamara and I attended and the one our kids currently attend. So, just because of my competitive nature I wanted to make sure the website we designed was competitive for specific terms on Search Engines. Obviously we needed to dominate for Hutchinson specific keywords and just doing the redesign took care of that. I noticed that before the redesign the previous USD 308 website was #408 on Google when searching for Kansas Public Schools. Obviously that wasn't going to cut it. The redesign took care of some of the problem and moved the site up into the top 100. From there I went to work and as of today the Usd 308 site is #4 for the search "Kansas Public Schools" on Google.

Let's look at this: Site redesigns, why do we do them?
First of all Appearance is the top reason clients want a redesign of an existing website. Maybe the site has just become outdated, but most of the time folks tried to go a cheap route and are now realizing that the presentation that their company makes on the internet is something worth spend an appropriate amount of money on.
There is another redesign to hire a website designer to redo your current website. Other than appearance, performance is the top reason people decide to take their websites to the next level. Either the website is not performing the tasks the owner feels it should/wants it to or the website is not being found. We talk alot about search engine optimization and most of the time the first step in SEO needs to be a redesign of the site to make it perform in the Search Engines the way we want it to. Lot's of people have sites built by designers who put no thought into SEO when initiallly creating the site and now several years later noone ever visits the site and all of that money spent for initail construction seems wasted. It's not, contact LogicMaze here and we can help take the good parts of your current site and take it to the next level.



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