Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Kansas State Representative Mike O'Neal

When Mike O'Neal came to the decision that he needed a website for his constituents he choose LogicMaze to do the job. Representative O'Neal needed a website that would keep his Kansas constituents informed on the happenings at the capital in Topeka, Ks. He also needed a way he could keep it updated himself on at least a weekly basis. We are happy to report that his website is fully functional and online.

We knew that Representative O'Neal would want to share the most information possible. His site is now a great source of information about Hutchinson, Ks, the 104th district, and the Kansas capital. You will also find his weekly newsletter and a journal that are full of insight on Kansas politics, the Kansas legislature, and the 104th district.

In order to allow Representative O'Neal the easiest and most reliable way to keep his Kansas constituents up to date, LogicMaze took a new approach for our sites and incorporated two blogs into www.reponeal.com. These two blogs are the weekly newsletter and the journal. If you have never written a blog, I know you have at least read one. Incorporating the blogging into the website of Representative Mike O'Neal has created a truly unique site. Not only can constituents read information posted on the website by Representative O'Neal, but they can also post their comments in reply. This provides a new way to interact with your representative in addition to traditional means. Of course its easy for Representative O'Neal too, as he just logs in and types his journals and newsletters as he would in a word processor. Those writings are then published and automatically formatted for the internet. The representative does not have to know one bit about web design for that information to be placed on his site.

After you check out Representative Mike O'Neal's website, you may want to view his article in the wikipedia. Then you may want to contact LogicMaze WebDesigns of Hutchinson, Kansas. We are continually incorporating the latest technology into our websites. Don't settle for the average when you, too, could have a top of the line site.


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