Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cottonwood Hills - Gearing up for the U.S. Senior Open and logo work

Hutchinson, KS is buzzing again - and this time it's over golf... big time golf.

If you follow the golf scene at all, then you've known for the longest time that the U.S. Senior Open is being held right here in Hutchinson. When I first moved here over 6 years ago, I never would have guessed that our little city was so large in the golf world - but once again here's the proof.

One of the larger sponsors for the U.S. Senior Open is our very own Cottonwood Hills - a Kansas golf course and community just outside of Hutchinson that has been designed with the help of PGA Master Nick Faldo and Faldo Design. Imagine building your own town, complete with shops and amenities, planning every detail, and then planning it in part around a world class golf course. That would be the auspicious undertaking that is Cottonwood Hills.

And as Cottonwood Hills is hip deep in promoting the U.S. Senior Open, they had a need to make some slight revisions to their logo (mostly cleanup work) and a number of different variations depending on how it was to be used. Cottonwood Hills also needed to make these logos, and other U.S. Senior Open promotional material, readily accessible to a number of different parties. So, LogicMaze stepped up to complete the logo work and create a logo gallery to ease the distribution process.

Now this is hardly the fanciest bit of coding that LogicMaze has done, but it does serve as a fair example of our company's dedication to service - making sure the client's needs are fulfilled (which in turn helps us in the long run). As LogicMaze continues to grow and evolve in web design, print design, and other marketing avenues, the list of resources and solutions that we can offer our clients will grow as well.


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