Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Peterson Predictive Maintenance - Infrared Imaging & Ultrasound - Site Development Update

Well, I realize it's been awhile since I've posted a blog entry. And that's not very fair to all my loyal fans (to all of those who are registered members of the fan club, you will be receiving a complimentary keychain as my way of saying thanks to my peeps). But I'm back, and plan on making my entries much more regular.

Stretching my wings as website designer a little more each day, I am continuing work on the site revision for Peterson Predictive Maintenance. You may recall that this is the business I blogged about earlier that incorporates infrared and ultrasound technology for a wide range of industrial tasks, largely oriented toward finding problems just as they begin to manifest (i.e. predictive maintenance).

Chuck Peterson is the head of the operation and brings to the table a wealth of experience in a variety of related fields, plus a creative mindset that enables him to find new uses for their technology.

As part of the redesign, LogicMaze is reorganizing the content and making room for some new additions as well. I will post again when I have hit another significant milestone, so check back here for further information. When it is finished and launched, you should check it out - especially the "eye candy" part of the site, the Sample Gallery. Hoo boy!


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