Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Predictive Maintenance

Why I remember when I was just knee-high to Gary Coleman. My Pappy used to take me down to Crackleberry Crick, and we'd fish for catfish as big as Sam Elliot's moustache. After that, we'd do a little whitewater rafting. . .on. . .the creek. . . Then we'd take the ol' muskets and hunt for us some big trophy buck.
I'll actually spare everyone the rest of this particular false story (although it gets fairly interesting).
I would like do discuss predictive maintenance, though. All fake fables aside, many companies blow large amounts of money on routine maintenance to everything when they could use the technology at Petersons Predictive Maintenance to detect what actually needs to be fixed. Predictive Maintenance involves using infrared and ultrasonic technologies to detect problems with large machinery before it becomes a major problem, which can save in repairs and product loss.
My fake Uncle Tom has Petersons Predictive Maintenance come down and make sure that all of his large machinery is in working order down at the. . .staple. . .factory. Why don't you?


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