Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ashlenz Outfitters - Big Trophy Whitetail Deer

Despite the fact that it is apparently popular at LogicMaze to make up people and stories regarding hunting and deer, some of us buck that system (ha-ha, get it...) by telling a real story about a real person. You should still check out some of our other posts about Ashlenz Outfitters though... located here, here, here, here, here, and here.

On my mother's side, the Murrah family, we have a lot of folks there in Illinois. My mother grew up largely in Herrin, Illinois - but her father, my grandfather, Charles "Lucky" Murrah, would travel a good clip if it meant a good chance to go hunting. Mostly farmers and coal miners, the Murrah side of the family has always been big on hunting - particularly whitetail deer.

I never got the chance to go hunting with my grandfather, but he had a lifetime of hunting experience passed down from his father and had bagged a number of big trophy buck in his day. He had his favorite locations for hunting trophy whitetail, and I know he had specifically mentioned Pike County and Adams County.

All of this seems even more interesting after I realized that one of our clients, Ashlenz Outfitters, operates out of Illinois and offers both deer hunting and turkey hunting trips. Catering to the rifle, gun, and bow hunter - Ashlenz Outfitters conducts their hunts on what is primarily whitetail habitat over 7,000 acres. Keeping a strict rotation of their hunting grounds, Ashlenz Outfitters is careful to hunt these properties with minimal pressure to preserve these deer habitats year after year.

So if you're considering a hunt of your own and looking for a big trophy whitetail deer, you should definitely contact Ashlenz Outfitters. You should also check out their testimonials page and see what other people are saying. LogicMaze is proud to work with clients like Ashlenz Outfitters who are so committed to the quality of the service they provide.


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