Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fireworks Display for my...

Logicmaze is very fortunate to have such interesting & fun clients. Customers ranging from Mineral Makeup Sales to Fireworks Displays to Infrared Thermal Imaging. It also serves as "Tamara's Shopping List" at times.

Ok, the last one seems a little weird, I know, but one of our clients, Rainbow Fireworks offers fireworks displays IN YOUR BACKYARD!! Can you imagine? Invite 3 or 4 couples over for a cookout and then when dark falls, surprise them with a fireworks show!!

"Tamara, I can't believe you have fireworks!", saidJyl.
"Oh, these old things? Why, we have fireworks all the time in our backyard." Responded Tamara (the host of the year).

No one would be able to have "just a cookout" anymore.


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