Thursday, March 06, 2008

Evermark, a sign of ingenuity

I used to have a lot of roommates.

At one point, there were seven of us living in one huge house. It was kind of cool, I got to hang out with my buddies all the time. Surprisingly, nobody killed anybody else. One major problem with the situations was boundaries, though. It seemed like nothing was sacred. My food, my drinks, my special loofah - none were safe from the grubby mitts of my roommates.

The most obvious solution would be to just write on the aforementioned items with a marker. Something to the tune of: "Mitchell's. Don't touch." I did just that, to no avail. I don't want to call my friends stupid or imply that they're illiterate, but ... come on ... seriously? Something about the marker method seemed sort of old hat. My friends were obviously desensitized to it to the point of not even recognizing my written request to not touch my things.

I needed something with more of an air of authority. Evermark Signs to the rescue!

Evermark manufactures clip-on marking signs that are super easy to use and reuse again.

That's more like it. I come home at night with a doggy bag from a restaurant, toss it in the fridge, drive a T-post into it, then clip on one of these bad boys:

Frickin' problem solved. They take it seriously, and my food remains in tact.

Thanks, Evermark.


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