Monday, December 03, 2007

Got Stuff? Who doesn't. See J-JAK Warehousing & Material Management

Hi. My name is Dave. I'm a packrat. Sorta.

There are surely worse cases than mine. My home isn't filled with refuse to the point where I have to carve out tunnels from room to room. And I don't have an apartment filled with empty Bud Light cans. But it is true that, for the space I have available to me, I have too much stuff. I'm an American and it seems to come with the territory.
This is linked to my own pet theory as to the true driving force behind the colonization of our fair country. We get it from our ancestors.
Europe was getting pretty crowded (a few good plagues will drive that point home nicely), so people needed to find more room for their crap (*ahem* sorry.... Eurocrap). Rumors had been spreading for awhile of a place where there was a LOT of room to be had on the cheap and whose current inhabitants usually packed pretty light. Next thing you know you've got boatloads of people bringing their stuff here. But I digress.

Let's pretend that instead of just one guy with too much stuff (Okay, it's not useless stuff... it's mostly books, art supplies, and tools, okay. Drop it already.) I am really a corporation which manufactures and sells widgets. But the widget market is a fickle mistress. Depending on whether it's widget season I may sell an incredible amount or hardly any at all. To stay on top of that peak demand I have to continually manufacture widgets year round. But then I have to find a place to store all my widgets until the season rolls around and the orders come flooding in. So my dilemma is - do I build my own widget warehouse (Widget Warehouse will be my next band name, by the way.) or do I rent the space I need. Who could possibly have that much space to suit my needs? And what about when the widget season has ended and my stores of widgets have all been sold? Will I have to continue to pay for storage space I'm not currently using?

Well, whether you need to store widgets or just about anything else, the answer to all of these problems is J-JAK Warehousing & Material Management located in South Hutchinson, KS. With 50,000 square feet of storage space, this company can store your widgets and the products for several thousand other companies. And they only charge for the space that you use, so you never end up renting unused space.

As an affiliate company of American Packaging, these folks know how to treat small and medium companies with the same service usually reserved for huge corporations. And they offer a number of other key services as well. J-JAK also acts as a complete receiving solution, provides complete and customized inventory management for all of your items, and offers fulfillment services such as off-site assembly and "pack-out" for final distribution. They can also handle direct-to-customer distribution via UPS or other common carriers.

Now if only they would let me carve out a measley 2,000 square feet for my own personal apartment/gymnasium/go-kart track - I'd be set. Until the Europeans hear about it, that is.


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