Thursday, July 17, 2008

LIVE UNITED - in Reno County

I am so excited about this launch. So excited in fact, that I have come back from "blog vacation" in order to do so.

Our local United Way of Reno County has been a Logicmaze client since 2002. That was back when I was chiseling websites out in stone... OK, not quite that far back. But Logicmaze and United Way of Reno County have been working together for many, many years. Starting when Rob Mackey was at the helm until now with Tona Turner running the local show.

The United Way of Reno County has followed the National theme of "LIVE UNITED". I loved it when Tona told me about their new movement. The words themselves make me want to do SOMETHING. She wanted their new website to make others feel the same way.

Their new website uses local people who LIVE UNITED and shows others how THEY can LIVE UNITED. As you know, I'm not a fan of flash over content, I don't feel like substance can be replaced with flashy, moving things. So we answered the call and have built a place for all the local agencies that are supported by United Way of Reno County a place to communicate. They can log-in to the website, post blog posts, post events, other agencies can comment on a post, and communicate about issues that they see in the community. I am so excited about what it could mean for our community getting all of those good folks together working through ideas on how to help each other.

Creating this website made me ask "How am I "LIVING UNITED"?


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