Friday, October 03, 2008

Peterson Predictive Maintenance - They can see the problem.

I didn’t realize how useful new technology such as Ultrasound and Thermal Imaging was so useful in business and machinery. Infrared cameras are used to capture temperature measurements, which can check for parts overheating. Ultrasound may be used to inspect, record sounds than data can be created and checked upon. We simply can not do this with our own sense of sight and sound so that’s why we hire great companies who have the equipment and knowledge to do it.

Peterson Predictive Maintenance works to stop your machinery from failing ahead of time by using Infrared Thermal Imaging and Ultrasound Detection. Having your machinery checked ahead of time can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars and not only saving you money, but stopping your machines from potential failure could prevent injury to your employees.

You can check their site for news, equipment specs and view their gallery of images and sounds of machinery. Its interesting to view their thermal images and compare the difference.


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