Friday, February 17, 2006

Whitewater Rafting

I started a post 9 days ago and said I would finish it the next day I am a little late and I am gonna change directions a little bit, we have to be flexible in the website design business or we don't get anything done.

I am gonna go back to Idaho Afloat, they are the whitewater rafting trip outfitters that we maintain and market a website for.

We have taken on a huge internet marketing venture for them and I wanted to post some results:

1. whitewater rafting is a biggie keyword - we are going after the big boys here and it's working. We weren't even on the map before and as of press time here it was number 14 on MSN out of 2.4 million results, not bad but we will do better.

2. outdoor adventures is actually the most competitive keyword we have ever gone after here at LogicMaze. If you think that sounds silly just go-to Google and do a search and see that you get 10.5 million results. We totally reorganized the page we are optimizing as we had never gone after any form of this key phrase before, give it time it will happen.

3. Idaho Fishing - we are using this keyword along with a few variations (Idaho fly fishing, Sturgeon Fishing) to grab a new type of potential client and drive them to the Idaho Afloat site. This portion is working precisely as planned, go ahead and bounce around the search engines and check these keywords and see where we are at.

4. Idaho Camping - like the fishing related keywords, we are using this to tap a group of potential clients that wouldn't have landed on this site before. #24 on Google #12 on MSN and climbing.

Stay tuned for more in depth and thrill-a-minute coverage...



At 2/17/2006 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts. You do such a good job of explaining what you are doing for your clients. I love the fact that we can track your results as you go.

Consider me a "sponge", soaking it all in.


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