Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mineral Makeup

Carol Norris started Carol's Skin Essentials 2 years ago to help get a product that she truly believed in into the hands of people who it could benefit. Mineral Makeup is truly a hot item right now and Carol realized that Dechant Sheer Minerals Mineral Makeup is truly top-notch mineral makeup.
Carol came to us not entirely sure that the internet was the way to go and our recommendation was to get into it slowly. She had us develop an affiliate site that sent potential customers to the Dechant corporate site and she gained commission checks from the sales it produced. Dechant corporate decided to stop selling online and push all their mineral makeup sales directly to their distributors. Carol came to see LogicMaze again. We went to work doing our little website designer duties and tada!! Carol had her own full blown e-commerce site that didn't send her clients to another site, it sent her clients money to her bank account.
What else did she need? Well actually the hard part was yet to come! How do we get people to come to her site and buy mineral makeup from her? The LogicMaze internet marketing team went to work and developed a search engine marketing plan for Carol and her team and put the ball in motion. We did keyword research, implemented an extensive pay per click campaign and began search engine optimization on the website.
Is it working, of course or I wouldn't right about it on here and air out our dirty laundry!
Goto MSN and search for mineral makeup and look for

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