Friday, June 30, 2006

Rainbow Fireworks - Showalter Fireworks Keeping Hutchinson Happy for the 4th

Let me start by saying that I have always enjoyed the 4th of July holiday. I do appreciate the true meaning behind our Independence Day and all of those who have worked and sacrificed to create the nation in which we live. I am grateful. And I do take time to reflect on that, and share those reflections with my daughter. And then we blow stuff up!

So in that family tradition of enjoying things that go boom and crackle and throw off sparks (I could be talking about one of the cars I drove in college) it was a kick to help out with promotional materials for one of LogicMaze's clients - Rainbow Fireworks. Now, to clarify, Rainbow Fireworks is a classy outfit that can put on a custom fireworks display of almost any size (from backyard-birthday to holy-crap-it's-the-SuperBowl!). Rainbow Fireworks has a retail side as well, and that is Showalter Fireworks - with six different locations around this area (check here for locations and maps).

LogicMaze is certainly doing web design for Rainbow Fireworks, but we have also created a number of promotional items for them in print advertising. That's because LogicMaze is a full-service ad agency as well as an awesome website design company. So, newspaper ads, flyers, and coupons... all tied into their web presence and their online marketing - this is what we love to do.

Apart from blow stuff up, that is.


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