Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Data Storage

Data StorageOk, time for me to talk about Underground Vaults & Storage again. You know. UVS. The salt mine that doubles as the coolest place in Kansas. The place to put anything you want to survive time and the elements.

I was thinking though, that it could be so much more. In addition to storing documents, films, insurance records, etc, they could store some jerky from Flat Iron Meats. If you think about it for a second you will see my logic.

JerkyFlat Iron Meats makes some terrific jerky. What do you suppose it takes (besides great Kansas beef) to make the jerky? That's right...Salt. There is enough salt down there to preserve all the beef jerky you can imagine.

Now picture this. WWIII. Nuclear holocaust. You barely survive. Are you worried about your insurance documents or a classic film (I know that businesses and many organizations would be and for the record those would be safe)? You personally? I bet not. You're hungry. Chances are you are even hungry for some terrific jerky.

At some point we need to seriously consider my plan, but in the meantime I'm satisfied that worked on two different projects at the same time. For good measure, here are some other important terms to associate with UVS:

Data Storage
Government records storage
Insurance Records Storage
Disaster Recovery
Medical Records Storage
Film and Sound Archiving
Museum artifacts storage
Oil and Gas Records storage
Seismic Data Storage
Private vaults
Media vaults
Refrigerated storage
Healthcare records storage
Movie film storage
microfilm storage
data tape storage
records management
government documents storage
data tape rotation
louisville Storage
Hutchinson Kansas Storage
wichita kansas storage
topeka kansas storage
oklahoma city storage
Kansas city storage
Storage Boxes

That's it for now! Contact LogicMaze of Hutchinson, Kansas if you need a website or if you need your website to be #1 in the search results. Do not contact LogicMaze in regards to creating an underground storage of beef jerky.


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