Monday, August 21, 2006

The River Tame

Contrary to what my fantastic Paint-altered image might suggest, I actually did not go on the rafting trip with Cody and Tamara (in fact, I didn't even work here at the time). However, in accordance with the suggestion of the graphic, I would end up in the water - even in tame waters. I have safety issues in the bath tub.
All the same, I am to blog about Idaho Afloat.
When I think about whitewater rafting, I am reminded of the movie The River Wild, from which I have made many, many Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon connections (Meryl Streep is a goldmine!). For those of you not familiar with the Six Degrees game, please disregard that last bit.
I was looking at the Idaho Afloat site prior to writing this blog, and I kind of wish that I had the financial means to do that sort of thing. It does seem like fun, despite my sarcastic comments. Plus, from what I understand, there's some good fishing around there, and I enjoy some fishing, even though I'm no good at it.
Be sure to check out Idaho Afloat next time that you're planning a trip. It sure beats the Cheese Museum.


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