Wednesday, August 23, 2006


That’s right, jerky! As in beef jerky. The kinda jerky that just thinking about it makes you wish you had a piece or two right there with you. I can imagine the taste of that jerky as I take a bite. The rough texture and perfect taste are a great combination. Can you tell I'm on a diet yet? So I guess that makes me a hypocrite now, because I am going to tell you how great kansas beef is, but I am probably not going to eat any myself. But I will let you know that part of me wishes I was you.

When I hear words like the following, it makes me wish I could just get this crazy diet thing out of my head:
ground beef
all natural ground beef

beef snacks

all natural beef snacks

beef sticks

all natural beef sticks

all natural jerky

kansas beef

And here are a few words that don't exactly make me salivate, but are important to remember when choosing your beef products:

hormone free meat gift boxes
hormone free ground beef
hormone free beef snacks
hormone free beef sticks
growth hormones
identity preservedsource verified
hormone free jerky

I could go on and on about Flat Iron Meats, but not without breaking my will to stay on this diet. So do me a favor and just visit the site. Maybe even buy some jerky and eat a piece for me! At the very least visit LogicMaze WebDesigns of Hutchinson, Kansas. Our websites are 100% hormone free and made only with the best ingredients.


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