Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My Healthy, Rejuvinated Skin

You know, a little known -and false- secret about me is that I wear makeup. If I did, though, I imagine that it would come from Carol's Skin Essentials.
They carry a large line of mineral makeups from foundation to eyeshadow. All items are available for sale online.
At major risk of sounding like a sissy, Carol's Skin Essentials carries an impressive inventory of natural cosmetics which are natural and healthier for skin than cosmetics made from chemicals. Were anybody desperate enough to ask me for a recommendation in that department, it's an easy call where I would send them,Carol's Skin Essentials.
Something to look forward to:
We are currently working on a keyword matrix for Carol's Skin Essentials, which I will most likely post on a later blog.


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