Thursday, October 26, 2006


I guess we are doubling up on the Ashlenz blogs today! I hate to disappoint you Mitchell, but it is I that rock the Casbah. You just keep the party rocking when I'm too busy to blog.

Obviously, hunting is the word of the day. Hunting. Hunting with Ashlenz Outfitters. Very important terms to remember. Just for good measure, let's say it one more time...hunting.

I have some other interesting results to report on Ashlenz:

Illinois deer hunting - 1 spot away from breaking into Google's top ten for the first time!

Illinois buck - Coming out of nowhere (not in the top 100) to #5 on Google!

outfitter - Rising up to number 14 on MSN. Awesome for a general search term!

outfitters - #6 on MSN - More awesome!

deer hunting - Also #6 on MSN - Also awesome!

deer - The ultimate general keyword - #3 on MSN!

trophy buck - Hunting for this search term? #3 on MSN, that's right - 3 out of 700,000!

finally, these search terms are all at #1 somewhere between Yahoo, Google, and MSN:

Illinois deer hunting
Pike County deer hunting
Pike County Illinois hunting
Illinois hunting
Illinois deer hunting guide
Illinois trophy buck
Illinois buck
Illinois deer
Illinois outfitters
Illinois outfitter
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