Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Turkey Hunting

Deer hunting season is in full swing, so if you're not out there hunting, you should be. Go on and head out the Pike County Illinois and let Ashlenz Outfitters help you out.
I do realize that making spur of the moment plans to go to Illinois are out of the question for the majority of us. I'm sure that you could find somewhere more local to do the deer hunting, but what about this spring? You have more than enough time to make arrangements to get out there and do some serious turkey hunting. Ashlenz Outfitters can help you in that department too. You wouldn't want the poor turkey to get jealous the the deer is getting all of the attention, would you? Pike County turkey hunting is a great opportunity to bag some monster birds. With a high population of turkey, Ashlenz Outfitters' turkey hunts are nearly 100% successful. You'd have to be blind to not get one!
Anyway, don't be all sour grapes if you didn't make it up to Pike county to do some deer hunting, because there's always the spring and some serious turkey hunting!


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