Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Illinois Deer Hunting

Pike County Illinois is home to some of the country's best whitetail deer hunting. Ashlenz Outfitters is the ideal hunting outfitter to go to if you are interested in hunting in Pike County, Illinois. That being said, it should be a fairly easy choice to make, if you're interested in doing any hunting this year, where to go and what outfitter to use.
Our marketing efforts for Ashlenz Outfitters have proven to be successful in the sense that we can bring a good amount of traffic in for good, relevant keywords. The only problem is getting the conversions to happen. We have links to the contact form all over the place, so there's no missing it, and yet out of over 100 visits yesterday, only two conversions. Two is definitely better than none, but a few more would be nice.
We are always working with this and trying new ideas. It's certainly nice to have a site like this to work with that has a great amount of traffic coming in. Improvement is showing every week, and I'm confident that we will find the solution to bringing in a boatload of conversions. Once we do that, it will be beneficial for many projects in the future.
If you're interested in deer hunting with a great outfitter, go to the site and fill out the form.


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