Friday, September 14, 2007

Soccer Goals Needed

All the excitement surrounding the 2007 FIFA Women's World Cup in China has got me wanting to buy that soccer goal that my daughter has been begging me for.

I have been watching for updates regularly on the team after watching the NIKE Ads, where they brag about "The Greatest Team You've Never Heard Of". They are definitely worth watching, if you can have someone tivo it for you.

We've been clearing some of our property out to set up a mini-soccer field, and mini-football field, depending on which kid wants to use it that day, and we needed a neat way to mark off the field lines. I found this Spray Paint Line Marker at Future Pro. If you are concerned about safety, they have these great Soccer Goal Padding (something I didn't think was necessary right up until my daughter filled in as goalie a couple weeks ago, and dove for a ball, and ran her head right into the soccer goal).

Future Pro carries all kinds of sports items, go online to their website and check them out. They have made alot of customers VERY happy with their low prices and reasonable shipping rates.


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