Monday, March 08, 2010

All in a Day's Work

It's funny sometimes the paths my day takes.
This morning was a fun, fast, high intensity photo shoot at Ferguson Fotography for our new website launch.

This afternoon I worked on our local United Way of Reno County website. They have their annual Agency Allocations Process coming up again very soon, so we helped them prepare for that launch. That project has been my baby for quite some time. We moved their ENTIRE applications process online. Where previously pounds and pounds of paper was used to print multiple copies of data, and the agencies who are already very busy were required to do alot of painstaking work in order to submit their Allocations Process to United Way of Reno County. We have moved the ENTIRE process online. It's easier too on the agencies, because now, instead of filling out the ENTIRE form online every year, they are able to login and update and modify last years data instead of starting from scratch. I just got off the phone with the lovely Tona Turner and chatted with her.

Then changed gears and moved over to another longtime client, Pals Products. We have done some keyword saturation work for them in the past. Janice and Gary Johnson are hard workers and never stop pushing their product online came to us with some new keywords that they wanted to target. We did some evaluations on their site and based on the keywords they wanted us to use, we updated most every page on their website. The quilting business is a big industry, and Pals Products has used their engineering skills and understanding of the quilt industry to market and create much needed products for quilters.

So whether you need Search Engine Marketing, Custom Programming, or just need an agency to brainstorm advertising ideas, give us a call. We would love to hear from you and help you out.


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