Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Learn Something New Every Project

Working with websites and website developers you would assume I would learn an overwhelming amount about computers and website development. While I have and will learn a lot about site development, I am continually surprised at the knowledge I gather about our customer’s industries. The project that sticks in my mind as teaching me so much, about an industry I knew nothing, was the Power Plant Equipment website design. Every time I dug into their site development I found myself learning numerous facts about Deaerators and Boilers. For instance, did you know that the job of a Deaerator is to reduce the dissolved oxygen build up in a Boiler to less that 5 parts per billion? I bet not. So if you thought learning all the ins and outs of computers and websites was the learning perk of my job, you’d be mistaken. I enjoy the opportunity to learn all that I can about many industries.


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