Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Kansas Cottonwood Quilts Redesign

Cottonwood Quilts is a shop located in Hutchinson KS. Cottonwood Quilts is a school and resource center for the art of quilting with products such as Needles, Sewing Supplies, Quilting Supplies, fabrics, The Lint Eater, etc.

“Our mission is to educate, to keep the heritage of quilting alive, to provide quality merchandise and supplies, to give knowledgeable assistance, to promote the art of quilting, and to encourage others to share our passion.” (Cottonwood Quilts)

There website also showcases their several of their in store deals, for their “Material Girl” Discounts and their special Birthday deal.

I had been assigned to create the administrative control panel for the Cottonwood Quilts website. They wanted the ability to update their website from any location, and to be able to update it easily by multiple people without the need of specialized software. Now they can completely manage their own website and create their own pages with our easy to understand content management system.

They can also upload their own images through a specialized file management system.

It has a featured item system that will display products from their Hutch Shops Shopping Cart. They can choose up to 5 items, upload images of those items and activate them to display randomly in the website.

Also they will have complete control of an events management system to control their special events. These events will display until the day of the event has passed.


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