Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Great Kansas City restaurants from KansasCityMenus.com

Kansas City Menus is back in full force. After making some needed updates to Kansas City's best restaurant guide, the newly optimized site is climbing up the search engine results.

As most web developers will tell you, the hardest search engine to optimize a site for is Yahoo. Yahoo is a solid search engine, and it often takes some time for your site to move up the rankings. I am happy to report though, that KansasCityMenus.com has made an excellent jump on this engine. When searching for "Kansas City restaurant" Kansas City Menus was ranked #23 just two weeks ago. As of now, it comes in at #3, a jump of 20 spots! When searching for "Kansas City dining guide" Kansas City Menus was ranked #29 just two weeks ago. As of now, it comes in at #11, a jump of 18 spots. This is just the beginning with yahoo, as the optimized site has only been online a few days.

Google and MSN have yet to index the new site, so I do not have any solid numbers for the ranking on those search engines as of yet. However, after seeing the results for Yahoo I am excited to see the new rankings for the other engines. I'm sure we will see quite a jump in the rankings. I will keep you posted on the specifics of those results when I have them available.

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I will keep this post updated with the latest search engine results for the optimized Kansas City Menus. In the meantime, why not plan a KC vacation and check out some great Kansas City restaurants.


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