Friday, February 17, 2006

LogicMaze intern updates

Since I've been here a month, I've worked on projects for a number of LogicMaze's clients, which include Clark and Richardson, Conrade Insurance, Divine Designs, A-Mac Realty, Boys and Girls Club of Hutchinson, Lakeview Lodge, Salthawk Baseball, Skin Care By Carol, and Jeeps & , among others. Several of these will be on-going, so I'll be giving more details as I go along about what Cody and Tamara have me doing for each client.

Design is what I really enjoy doing and where I think my strength lies, so creating business cards is a lot of fun. I did that for both A-mac Realty and Skin Care By Carol. The rest of the projects had me working on the web sites and optimizing same.

More details later...


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