Saturday, April 15, 2006

Mineral Makeup

Ok I admit it, it bothers me how much I know about mineral makeup. We started marketing in this industry several years ago when Kris Dechant first started her mineral makeup company, Dechant SheerMinerals. She came to us and had recieved a proposal to build her an e-commerce website from a website design firm in Wichita Kansas that was insanely expensive. We made a honest offer to build her a quality e-commerce site to help launch her company. Now we spend a considerable amount of time each year developing addittional websites for the new distributors that Dechant Sheer Minerals adds to there team each year.

Glowing Minerals is one such distributor. Marilyn from Glowing Minerals contacted LogicMaze late in 2005 and wanted to get her mineral makeup business online. She wanted a distinct look that catered and appealed to the working woman with a slightly more modern look than some of the other mineral makeup sites on the web. LogicMaze's website designer instincts kicked in and we went to work. But once a look was developed and the site online we still had work to do. YEP you guessed it we gave Marilyn the same post design presentation we offer to all our website design clients,"Just because you build it does not mean they will come!"
Her mineral makeup website needed a full scale marketing plan and we had a little experience so we offered our internet marketing services. And guess what? It worked! is online and making regualr sales. We have a continuing plan for this site and we will keep you posted as the rankings improve and the sales increase.



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