Friday, May 05, 2006 - Pals Products update

Pals Products, Inc. ( Production UPDATE

This week we have moved much closer towards final site production and our subsequent launch for the revised/revamped Pals Products website. On Wednesday, one of my bosses and I spent a number of hours shooting both still image product shots as well as video to use for product instruction. We will definitely be able to illustrate a more clear impression of Pals products and their uses. For my own part, I'm looking forward to getting back into video editing and possibly even a few effects in there. I'm a sucker for that kind of work, so this will be like candy to me.

While we were shooting stills and footage for the site, LogicMaze also had occasion to visit one of our other clients. To see Pals products in proper context, we visited Cottonwood Quilts here in Hutchinson, KS and were assisted in our efforts by their friendly staff. Not being an avid quilter myself, this was my first visit to their store. But with their knowledgable staff and impressive selection, I can think of a number of friends I will have to point in their direction. Oh, the things you can find in your own town.

So, work continues on further development for Pals Products, Inc. and their site revision. Check back here for further updates. Things are right on track and looking great.


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