Friday, April 28, 2006

Week II - The Designer Returns

"...and as he sat at his keyboard, resting squarely on his new desk, he pondered to himself. What would he blog about before the week was over, before he finished his second week at his new job? Would it be about his new bosses? Or maybe the kinds of projects he has finished this week?
No. He decided he would rather tell a story. A story of a designer with a dream, a big imagination...... and a banjo."

Then again, maybe not. Our office here at LogicMaze has been declared a strict "banjo-free" zone, under penalty of stapler attack. So more realistically I should share my impressions of my second week.

Since my last post (yesterday, dear reader) I have been working steadily on a complete site redesign that I can't discuss just yet. As one of the arms of a large, international agricultural equipment corporation, this client (like many of our others) will be readily recognized by many people. But we are prudently waiting until a formal site launch before divulging too many details. Consider it safe to say that LogicMaze is producing a serious facelift to give a more professional look and better organized navigation.

I have had the opportunity to further review the work that LogicMaze has done so far, and I am impressed. But I am also looking forward to making my own mark here and working with a wide range of clients and projects. I can honestly say that I am thoroughly enjoying the challenges of my new career.


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