Friday, April 28, 2006

I Love My Job!

Looking over the last week, it has been quite an assortment of assignments.

The work performed ranged from helping my son with building a paper airplane (I'm his hero), to coding shopping carts to allow our local website clients the ability to charge sales tax based on the delivery point's sales tax. Wow! I wonder if the state of Kansas could make it any harder on small businesses to make money in this state! The good news is that we have found a good solution and have implemented it easily.

One of my favorite jobs that I have here at LogicMaze is maintaining the USD308 website. I'm so proud of our district and it was just honored with district accreditation from the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. It's great news for our district that I feel like such a part of.

We are going to have quite a few new projects in the near future that will include some marketing & PR for some of our existing web clients. I love the idea of expanding our current customer's client base by getting the word out about their services. Cody, Our Project Manager, is gung-ho and full of ideas to expand LogicMaze's services. This seems like a smart next step.

I have been working with another designer on some design concepts for one of our newer clients; Flat Iron Meats. If you haven't ever tried their Jalapeno Summer Sausage, I suggest going down to their shop here in Hutchinson, Kansas and picking up some.

We were honored to be asked to design the Oklahoma Raindance website. I know Cody already posted some information about it, but it was a great project to get to work on. Throughout the last month Blake Shelton has been announcing some big names that will be performing with him down in Ada, Oklahoma at Raindance. Blake Shelton has announced Andy Griggs, Craig Morgan, Keith Anderson & Tracy Byrd will perform with him at the Raindance concert. They will also be competing in the celebrity Archery Shoot. We plan on going down and enjoying some great music.

Also, we welcome our newest employee, Mr. David Planthold. (I'm pretty sure I can beat him at darts in our monthly office dart championship battle) So, we will be keeping him around until he gets better than me. He has been impressing us and our clients with some great design & marketing concepts. I must go, and practice darts.


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