Friday, April 28, 2006

Kansas City Restaurants

It's so hard to do a final blog on a site. My last blog on Kansas City Menus was going to be my last update, simply because the project was complete. However, I checked on the search results for our favorite Kansas City restaurant guide and couldn't resist some shameless bragging on behalf of LogicMaze.
Let me give you a run down of the keywords first, I have put a star behind keywords at #1:

Now that you know the words, lets get to some results. On MSN, We rank in the TOP 5 for each one of those keywords! On top of that 12 out of those 16 keywords are at #3 or above. MSN also sports an amazing 7 #1's.

On GOOGLE, We rank in the TOP 15 for each one of those Keywords. With 13 of those fifteen in the TOP 10. On top of that there are 8 of those keywords in the TOP 3, 2 of which are at #1.

Yahoo is the straggler, but trust me that's where results take the longest and Yahoo is still moving up. Nonetheless, 8 of those keywords rank in the TOP 10, with 7 being in the TOP 10. While there are no #1's as of yet, we do have four that are sitting at #2 and just maybe will cross to #1.

So you can plainly see that the search engine optimization techniques of LogicMaze are awesome. I rarely toot my own horn but this is kinda fun. Josh = awesome. I hope you are all sincerely considering LogicMaze WebDesigns of Hutchinson, Kansas to optimize your site and get more traffic to your site! josh is an awesome website designer


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