Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Jeep accessories

Ok, jeep accessories ,
Imagine you had an internet business and you knew you had good product and you could be competitive on price and you were the type of people that were gonna offer great customer service. All the pieces are in place, the store is set up the inventory is in place and you are ready to open for business. Only one key ingredient missing, right? Right!!! Customers!!!! had the foresight to realize that even though their website was done and they could handle everything from presentation to making the sale to delivering the product, they were gonna need help getting people into their online store. And of course they sell jeep accessories!

Now if you lived in Hutchinson, Ks and you sold widgets, you would want to be accessible to everyone in Hutchinson Ks that wanted to buy a widget, right? So you put an ad in the phone book right? Well yes, that is still a neccessary step but actually you would probably get more sales if you had a little search engine optimization done and made your website come up on a Google or MSN or Yahoo search for widgets in Hutchinson Kansas. But wait, this internet thing goes all over the world right, you should at least be in the top ten for a search for widgets in Kansas right? Wow I wonder what it would cost to be ranked in the top ten for widgets in the United States. Is it even possible to be on the first couple of pages for a widgets search, just widgets no other geographical or descriptive terms? Think of all the people in the entire world searching for widgets, if everyone of them saw your website, visits and true potential customers would go through the roof right? Yes they would! doesn't sell widgets they sell jeep accessories and right now as I am 2 fingered typing this blog entry, everyone in the entire world who goes to MSN and does a search for jeep accessories is smacked in the face with sitting right there at number 1. Number 1 out of 4.1 million results that MSN finds for jeep accessories. Not a search for jeep accessories in Hutchinson Kansas, not a search for jeep accessories in the United States, just jeep accessories. If you don't see that as an exciting marketing element and a testament to search engine optimization and LogicMaze's ability to produce results, then keeping sitting there and wishing you had more visitors to your website and more potential customers and more sales. It just works plain and simple. With search engine optimization your can plainly track your results and clearly see the increase in sales. It is the most effective and the most trackable means of marketing there is and LogicMaze can do it for you at a highly competitive rate.



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