Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kansas Marketing

Ok here's a question we get every so often: "What is the difference between marketing and advertising?" There's a great link here to help answer that. If you don't like that definition, here's mine.

Marketing is the big picture, everything you do that in any way allows your company to interact with the public. All the way from how your receptionist answers the phone to multi-million dollar publicity campaigns. Anything you do that affects even one person's opinion of your company or makes even one more person aware your company exists, that's marketing.

Advertising is only a small part of marketing. Advertising is the art of placing some sort of representaion of your company out in front of people. It also has a huge spectrum of size. You can stick a bumper sticker on your car or you can pay 2 million dollars for a Super Bowl halftime commercial.

Why am I talking about this on a Kansas Website designer blog?
Well, LogicMaze is looking to expand our toolbox and make our selection of options available to our customers bigger.
We have decided to offer full service marketing plans and execution for small to medium sized businesses who realize the commitment to marketing that is neccessary to succeed.
Wait did he say full service marketing? Don't firms that handle big campaigns for companies call them selves full service advertising agencies?
Yes they do! And we at LogicMaze don't think that cuts it. Running ads in magazines and newspapers and buying radio and TV time is only a small part of a solid marketing campaign. Yes, we will do those things for our clients and yes those things will help in the success of our clients businesses. But we will go farther, we will help implement systems to track leads and validate success. We will build and redesign web based solutions that will reduce labor intensity even though contacts and sales will increase. We will help develop customer service programs that will lead to more repeat sales and we won't leave and go to the Bahamas with your money once the first advertising campaign is complete. We will follow up and continue to push the full service marketing approach. LogicMaze has already proven we can take a business, put it on the internet and then push it to rapid success with a very affordable budget. Why can't we take a business to the next level using every means available to drive leads and produce sales? All the ridiculous catch phrases, Identity, Branding, Logo Development, Advertising , Public relations, why do we use any of those words? They are all marketing, and they had better all lead to sales or they are all worhtless!
I will post this week about our next big campaign and the company we have signed on. We will keep you posted here and you can track the progress and either sit and be jealous or contact us here!!!!



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