Saturday, May 06, 2006

Website designer

Website Designer - pretty broad term huh? I am not talking about Hutchinson Kansas website designer or even Kansas website designer! Just "website designer"!
I know what you are thinking, little ol' LogicMaze in Hutchinson Kansas is way to small to ever dominate a major search engine for a keyword as big and broad as website designer. YOUR WRONG! Here at LogicMaze we truly do bust our butts to compete with the big boys and we still maintain our commitment to keep our pricing in a realm that any small business can afford. But not only do we compete , WE WIN!! Check out for a search of "website designer" our little Hutchinson Kansas website designer homepage is number 16 out of 17,000,000 results. Whose the little guy now. And if you follow this blog you know that we will be doing all we can to get to number 1. Notice I am blogging about our site @ 12:23 am, I just got done working on our clients sites for the day and thought our site deserved some attention for once.
Let's take a look:
First our site, on Google we are number one in the organic search rankings for the following phrases.
  1. Hutchinson Kansas jeep church mike Oklahoma - ok that's weak , but, it's funny!

Let me ask you this, what if your small business was at the top of the search engines for that many highly competitive keyphrases? Well, I will answer my own question. It has lead to an increase of about 45% in the number of visitors to our website and has definitely increased the odds of folks who are looking for a website designer actually contacting LogicMaze. That = more clients, and more clients = more $$$$$!

Let's take a look at and LogicMaze's relationship:
website is number one on MSN for the following search phrases:

For the search term "Kansas website" on our website is #4 and our blog is #6, that upsets and excites me both, I want #1 and #2!!!

Some folks will say I am foolish for airing out what search terms we or doing search engine optimization on our own website for. I say screw 'em if the competition wants to go head to head with us we will take them on. Our clients competition tries to battle us on a daily basis for search engine rankings and we win there too!!

Anyhow I blab alot about or clients on this thing and I thought it was time I discussed the successes we have with our own site.

It's kinda like the old story of the farrier whose horses had the worst kept feet in town. We gotta take a little time to take care of business for the home office here in Hutchinson, Ks. OK go to bed.



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