Friday, June 09, 2006

Local Insurance Company goes online.

Conrade Insurance Group is an Insurance Group located in Newton, Kansas. This well respected insurance company offers a huge range of services and products for it's customers. Including Health Insurance, Workmans Compensation, Business Insurance, Life Insurance along with property insurance. They needed an online identity, and after researching many hours the industry of insurance, I wanted to keep the website design simple and clean, but to give interest visually to the site with beautiful photography. The site definately does some heavy-liftin' with its drop down menu and Online Insurance Quote Request, but I didn't want the look to suffer. The picture of the young girl reminded me of my daughter, then reminded me that I need to buy more life insurance. The photography in the flash presentation is stunning and allows the viewer to identify with the company visually. I love beautiful photography and could darn near design an entire site around a great shot [note to self: blog on that subject later].


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