Thursday, June 08, 2006

New Site Launch - Pals Products moves ahead in quilting products market with redesign

Well, it's happened and we're very proud. LogicMaze has launched the revised site for Pals Products at and we are glad to have our skills as website designer serve our client's needs right out of the gate.To recap slightly, Pals Products is an innovative, homegrown company based right here in Hutchinson, KS. They develop and market a growing list of products specific to both quilt shops and the avid individual quilter.

They have been working hard to get word out about their quilting related products, and with their new website, online store, and market basket, we know we can radically improve their market visibility. Pals Products has several product lines for the quilting market:

Pals Hangers™ - These are sturdy aluminum sectional hangers for displaying wall hangings and quilts. Coming in 30" lengths, they can be connected to hold larger/wider items for display.

Pals Wearables™ - Coming in several varieties, these are adjustable displays for wearable merchandise. They include models that hang from the ceiling as well as extendable floor and countertop stands.

Bolt Buddies™ - These are clever little stainless steel clips used to secure the fabric ends on bolts. A much better alternative to pins, they help protect the investment of the fabric, as well as your fingers.

Quilt Towers™ - Used with the PalsHangers™, these towers are just the ticket for displaying quilts. Each tower is 8 feet high when assembled (10 foot models available). Towers will accommodate a Pals Hanger on either side for hanging two quilts.

Quilting Gems™ - This category includes both the Wall Hanger Kit and the Badge Kit. The Wall Hanger Kit provides an elegant solution for hanging a smaller display piece on the wall, while the Badge Kit provides a unique project for custom badges or labels for many different occasions.

Iron Pals™ - The one that started it all, this is Pals Product's flagship item. Including both the IronPals™ Extension Arm and the IronPals™ Stand and Sleeve, these products make it easy to iron, fold, and dry items that would otherwise be too large or awkward to handle.

Complete with product demo videos and plenty of tips and techniques, is poised to launch Pals Products to a whole new level of business. is proud to be a part of their success.


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