Friday, May 19, 2006

Peterson Predictive Maintenance - Infrared Imaging & Ultrasound - James Bond eat your heart out!

This has got to be, far and away, one of the coolest businesses I've seen in a long time. Chuck Peterson's business, Peterson Predictive Maintenance, LLC, is leading the curve when it comes to cool technology being used in creative ways. Some of these things you truly have to see to believe.

LogicMaze is very proud to have taken on Peterson Predictive Maintenance (PPM) as a full-service client. From logo design, to website redesign, to conference presentations, to printed marketing materials - we will be providing a wide range of services for our newest client. And don't get me wrong... we consider ourselves to be pretty cool in a lot of ways. But Chuck and his PPM business has us beat hands down in the cool uses for high tech department.

Using a powerful combination of infrared imaging cameras and ultrasound monitoring/recording devices, Peterson Predictive Maintenance provides a service that literally pays for itself many times over. As the name of the company makes it plain, predictive maintenance is the key - finding and solving potential problems before they become critical systems failures putting dollars and health at risk.

You should check out the image gallery of his current website (brazen self-promotion warning: soon to be that much cooler website when LogicMaze gets done with it). It is full of side-by-side comparison images which show conventional photographs right next to their thermal/infrared counterparts. Imagine being able to localize a highly specific electrical short inside a huge panel box with many connections in a matter of seconds. Or being able to identify a pressure leak or loose powerline connection from 300 feet away.

But it is worth keeping in mind that no business, no matter how cool, can truly achieve its potential unless people know about it. So check back here for future updates and news regarding our work for Peterson Predictive Maintenance. We are going to have Chuck hopping with the increase in attention he is going to get. Booyah!


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